FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery


Recover the missing date from your Iphone


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If you have an Iphone and for some unfortunate reason you’ve your lost the information or files stored inside, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is a Windows program that’ll be really helpful to you because it can recover the files in a few seconds.

The interface of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is pretty simple and it lets you complete the recovery process without any type of fuss. First, you have to connect your Apple smartphone to your PC and wait for the program to recognize it.

Once you’ve established the connection between your computer and smartphone, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery will start exploring and let you pick the files that you want to recover. On the other hand, you also have the possibility to recover files from Itunes or Icloud backup copies.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is a great tool that’ll help you recover those files you’ve lost by mistake from your iPhone without having to invest too much time in the task.

Windows XP or greater is required.

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